2-8-20, Mizumoto, Katsushika-ku, Tokyo JAPAN Fax:81-3-5875-5852 Mail:info@gaea-hikari.com
Company overview
Company Name GAEA Co.,Ltd.
Representative Mr.Shigenori Tabata
Director Mr.Katsuhiro Sato
Foundation February 26,2001
Capital JPY77,000,000.-
Address 2-8-20, Mizumoto, Katsushika-ku, Tokyo
TEL. 813-5875-5851  FAX. 813-5875-5852
URL http://www.gaea-hikari.com

Photocatalyst product technology conference(SITPA) [Regular member]
Corporation fiber evaluation technical conference(SEK) [Regular member]
◎「The small-and-medium-sized-enterprises creation activity promoting method Authorization company
(It recognizes it for developing and making of the photocatalyst processing liquid for the fiber a
Development of photocatalyst functioning solution
※ R&D to produce photocatalyst solution with anti-bacterial,deodorizing and anti-foulling function.
※ Sales of photocatalyst solution.
※ Sales of photocatalyst solution roducts (ie.Spray)
Environment improving business through fabrice and clothes
※ Improving environment through apparel,cleaning and linen industry.
Improvement of living environment
※ Improvement of living environment by coating photocatalyst on housing interior and exterior.
※ Improvement of life environment with photocatalyst processed artificial flower.
※ Improvement of life environment with photocatalyst processed wall paper and ceiling board.
General environment improving activities
※ Establishment of Gaea Foundation for the improvement of eaeth, nature and environment.
※ Providing information related to environment improvement.
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