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Photocatalyst product guide

Various chemicals have sneaked in in the room.

There are a lot of "Safe a small amount it" and chemicals used.
..(.. poisonous substance that doesn't smell to inside, is accumulated little by little, and gnaws at health)

The material such as vehicle exhaust emissions of the smell, the factory, and the car of pollen, miscellaneous germs, a environmental hormone, a formaldehyde grow moldy pet smell, and the cigarette causes hay fever, the allergy, and asthma, etc. , and depraves the symptom.

The photocatalyst of Gaea strongly resolves various poisonous substances and smartens up one's room by the power of light.

Commodity line up
Name Usage Feature
Photocatalyst processing liquid
for fiber
(GCT series)
For textile industry
Processing liquid
It is a liquid processed to clothes and the cloth. The catalyst performance is united to durability by a high dimension.
Multipurpose,business photocatalyst
processing liquid
(GCF series)
An artificial flower and
a stuffed animal
the sheet of a car etc.
It is possible to process it to various commodities easily.

It is possible to sell it by processing the photocatalyst to the handled commodity and applying the additional value now.
photocatalyst processing liquid
for cleaninng
(GCCL・GCM・GCN series)
For button chopper
photocatalyst processing
It is a liquid to process it to clothes washed with the button chopper. It is a liquid that considered the processing easiness in the cleaning factory.
photocatalyst processing liquid
for interior
(GCI series)
Interior and interior processing Processing
liquid forindustry
It is a liquid to process it to interiors such as the curtain, wallpapers, and the carpets.
photocatalyst coating spray
(chuette・super chuette)
It is a thing to coat a familiar thing to everyone in the photocatalyst easily. It is a spray to coat the photocatalyst to the fiber and the crossing product of surroundings.
An anti-bacterium and a deodorant effect are achieved.
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