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Repetition deodorant examination of photocatalyst

Result of GAEA photocatalyst sprayed cloths' deodorization test

Sample : Cloth sprayed with GAEA photocatalyst coating spray "SHOUETTE"
      (polyester 100%) 15×20cm
Test gas : Ammonia(40 ppm concentration) × 3L gas
Ultraviolet ray irradiation : [Black light 20W×2, approx. 10cm to sample cloth]
                  (equivalent to ultraviolet rays under fine weather)
Test organization : Japanese spinnig inspection association
 Put sample in the bag filled with test gas and measured ammonia concentration
after 2 hours and 24 ultraviolet ray irradiation by the detection pipe.
 Ammonia concentration change is shown in figure below.
It turned out that acetadehyde was purified by photocatalyst processed cloth.

Test organization :Japan Spinners Inspecting Foundation

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